Promoting microtemplates

It was cool to see that Elias blogged about microtemplates and got straight to the point: it’s easy.

My goal now is to try take to make this point to a few of the right people, have them get it and say something about it, and then others will pay attention. It’s, honestly, kind of a funny position to be in. I guess I do promote my ideas, at least inside the four walls of my workplace, but not usually so deliberately.

I’ve started with approaching the microformats folks, since it is, to some extent, derivative, and also the adoption of microtemplates greatly facilitates the adoption of microformats. I’ve gotten a few “very promising” remarks, but not the whoah! that I kinda expected. But I think I was being a little optimistic — it will take some time and some compelling examples for the potential to be apparent. Also, I don’t know if the microformat people are generally as concerned with creating dynamic or ajax web applications as others might be, so there’s a bit of a mismatch.

Ok, so what about the Rails folks? I started to dissect an example I found of rails programming at OnLamp and make some recommendations on the microtemplates wiki. I’ll find the discussion list and forward this to them…. but I probably still need to implement what I describe and show some examples. It would be particularly compelling if I did the same dynamic table as in this example.

The other item on my agenda is the ROCB. One idea is that if you drop a vcard on my web page, I want to be able to create the rendering of that vcard using microtemplates. I met Ray once… maybe I can drop him a note when this demo works?


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